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Article 1 - Name, objectives and purposes
Section 1 - Name
The name of this society is : INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY (hereinafter referred to as the ISCD or Society).
Section 2 - Objectives and Purposes
The objectives and purposes of the Society shall be :
a. To encourage a more continous and stable exchange among the medical community in general, dermatologists in particular and cosmetic chemists, pharmacologists, physiologists, toxicologists and experts of all other disciplines that may be related to COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY.
b. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and methodologies pertinent to the related disciplines and COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY.
c. To promote, support and develop research on the most important problems concerning experimental and clinical COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY.
d. To promote and to encourage public interest related to COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY through educational and informational programs .
Article II - Incorporation
The ISCD shall be legally incorporated and shall be registered as a non-profit organization.
Article III - Offices
The ISCD shall have and shall continously maintain in Italy and in the United States of America, registered executive offices located as the Executive Board may determine.
Article IV - Organization
Section I - Governance
The Society membership shall be governed by an Executive Board composed of the Secretary General, Program Director, President, Immediate Past President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Treasurer.
Section 2 - The Secretary General shall be a permanent member of the Executive Board and :
a. Maintain, with the advice of the Executive Board, a Calendar for the Society.
b. Arrange for, call, and manage meetings of the Executive Board at least twice yearly.
c. Produce, in the above fashion, extraordinary meetings of the Executive Board when the President and at least three additional members shall call for such a meeting. These meetings shall be held at a time and place convenient to the Secretary General not later than six (6) weeks after his receipt (by mail) of the appropriately signed call.
d. With the advice of the Executive Board, arrange for, call, and manage, in cooperation with the Program Director, general membership meetings which shall be held not less often than once in every two years. This cycle shall begin with the first such meeting held after January 1, 1998.
e. Cause correct minutes of all meetings to be taken, reviewed, published, and archived.
f. Cause, by oversight of, and in cooperation with the Treasurer of the Society, accurate accounting of the Society’s financial status to be available, with reasonable notice, to all members of the Executive Board and to the general membership. Further, to cause to be published a certified audit of the Society’s finances not less than once in every two years. Any further legally required reports shall be prepared, with the concurrence of the Executive Board, and submitted as may be appropriate.
g. Instruct the Treasurer, with the advice of the Executive Board, to issue bank drafts for the payment of lawful debts, and shall countersign all checks written by the Treasurer.
h. Have such other powers and duties as the Executive Board may, from time to time, ascribe to this office.
i. Serve for an indefinite period. The Secretary General shall serve in this capacity until offering voluntary retirement or until removal and replacement by a unanimous (6 votes) vote of the other members of the Executive Board, personally cast in a regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Board.
Section 3 - The Program Director shall be a permanent member of the Executive Board and :
a. Generally assist the Secretary General in the discharge of his duties.
b. Have general authority over establishment and maintenance of all executive offices of the Society.
c. Act as spokes person for the Society and speak on behalf of, and in name of, the Society in all matters as decided by the Executive Board.
d. Provide representation for the Society, in cooperation with the Secretary General, to all other organizations which wish to have discourse, meetings, or other business with the Society.
e. Generally control content, timing, decorum, and all other matters for which the Society may be responsible at all meetings which include a formal scientific session.
f. Perform other duties which may be, from time to time, directed by the Executive Board.
g. Have tenure in the same fashion as described for the Secretary General.
Section 4 - General Society Officers
The President of the society shall act as the Chairman of meetings of the Executive Board. He shall preside at all business and scientific meetings of the ISCD or of his absence, the First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary General, Program Director, the Immediate Past President or the Treasurer (in that order) will serve, pro term or for the remainder of the term.
The Immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Board and shall perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be determined by the Board of Directors.
The First Vice President shall be next in succession to the President and shall act in his stead in his absence.
The Treasurer shall generally assist the Secretary General and the Program Director in the execution of the business of the Society.

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