2012 - Vol. 30 - ISCD2015

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2012 - Vol. 30

Past issues

Adriana Morganti LL.M.

European Versus Usa and China Trademark Law
J. Appl. Cosmetol.  30, 3-8 (January/March 2012)

Claudio Germinario

The Field of Cosmetics in figures
J. Appl. Cosmetol. 30, 9-15 (January/March 2012)

S. Borrini

Cosmetic and Medical Treatments: the Point of View of Patents
J. Appl. Cosmetol. 30, 17-21 (January/March 2012)

Gabriella Rubino

Trademark License: for Enhancing your Position on the International Market
J. Appl. Cosmetol. 30, 23-27 (January/March 2012)

Diletta Binda

Are you sure you know what counterfeiting is?
J. Appl. Cosmetol. 30, 29-34 (January/March 2012)

Piefrancesco Morganti

The 10th International Congress of International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology

J. Appl. Cosmetol. 30, 35-39 (January/March 2012)

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