2011 - Vol. 29 - ISCD2015

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2011 - Vol. 29

Past issues

Yan Wu, Yan Sun, Hong-Duo Chen, Xing-Hua Gao

Nanotechnology for Topical Application in Cosmetic Dermatology
J. Appl. Cosmetol.  29, 3-15 (January/March 2011)

Gerhard J. Nohynek

Safety of Nanotechnology in Sunscreens and Personal Care Products
J. Appl. Cosmetol.  29,  17-25 (January/March 2011)

Elisa Roda, Raffaella Butera, Teresa Coccini, Luigi Manzo

Safety assessment of cosmetic products containing nanomaterials. Current research trends and challenges.
J. Appl. Cosmetol.  29,  27-39 (January/March 2011)

Luigi Campanella and Cecilia Costanza

PaO (period after opening)
J. Appl. Cosmetol.  29, 41-53 (January/March 2011)


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