2006 - Vol. 24 - ISCD2015

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2006 - Vol. 24

Past issues

P. Forgione, F. De Natale, E. Sammarco, N. Chianese, P. Vitiello

The effectiveness of an innovative biorevitalizing mixture carried by the transdermal electrodelivery
J. Appl Cosmetol,  24, 1-6, 2006

Antonio De Nino, Leonardo Di Donna, Loredana Maiuolo, Fabio Mazzotti, Anna Napoli, Enzo Perri, Antonio Tagarelli, and Giovanni Sindona

Hot Chili Pepper and Virgin Olive Oil: two Functional Foods of the Calabrian Diet.
A High Tech Approach for the Evaluation of their Quality and Safety

J. Appl Cosmetol,  24, 7-16, 2006

Anthony C. Dweck

Isoflavones, Phytohormones and Phytosterols
J. Appl Cosmetol,  24, 17-32, 2006



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