2001 - Vol. 19 - ISCD2015

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2001 - Vol. 19

Past issues

Mahé Y F, Boisnic S,  Beranger J-Y, Branchet-Gumila MC, Renault B, Breton L

Eyelid skin explants under neuro-inflammatory stress: synergistic protection by escine and dextran sulfate
J. Appl Cosmetol,  19, 1-10, 2001

Beltrami B, Vassallo C, Berardesca E, Borroni G,

Antinflammatory, antimicrobial,comedolytic effects of a topical plant complex treatment in acne vulgaris: a clinical trial.
J. Appl Cosmetol,  19, 11-20, 2001

P. Morganti, G. Agostini and G. Fabrizi

The cosmetic use of an ancient peatof thermal origin
J. Appl Cosmetol,  19, 21-30, 2001



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