2000 - Vol. 18 - ISCD2015

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2000 - Vol. 18

Past issues

Koehler AM, Maibach HI,

New issues in monitoring patient compliance and drug development: impact on the efficacy of cosmetic products?,  
J. Appl Cosmetol,  18, 1-13, 2000

Richert B,

Adorment of the foot: the fashion shoe and its repercussion on the nail apparatus,  
J. Appl Cosmetol,  18, 15-21, 2000

Hua Zhou,

UVR protection in Shanghai,
J. Appl Cosmetol,  18, 23-28, 2000

Morganti P, Fabrizi G, Guarneri F

The radical protection factor for innovative nutriceuticals,
J. Appl Cosmetol,  18, 29-35, 2000


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