1997 - Vol. 15 - ISCD2015

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1997 - Vol. 15

Past issues

Augustin C, Frei V, Perrier E, Huc A, Damour O,

An in vitro selection of new cosmetic active compounds: from screening tests on monolayered fibroblast culture to efficiency study on 3-D dermal equivalent,   
J. Appl Cosmetol,  15, 1-11, 1997

Camarasa JG, Anthoine P, Tribo Boixareu MJ, Serra Baldrich E, Aubert L,

Demonstration of the anti-wrinkle efficacy of a cosmetic product. Correlation between clinical observations and instrument methods,
J. Appl Cosmetol,  15, 13-20, 1997

Morganti P, Randazzo SD, Giardina A, Bruno C, Vincenti M, Tiberi L,

Effect of phosphatidylcholine linoleic acid-rich and glycolic acid in acne vulgaris,   
J. Appl Cosmetol,  15, 21-32, 1997

Morganti P, Agostini A, Bruno C, Fabrizi G

Role of topical glycolic acid and phosphatidylcholine linoleic acid-rich in the pathogenesis of acne. Linoleic acids versus squalene,   
J. Appl Cosmetol,  15, 33-41, 1997


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