1992 - Vol. 10 - ISCD2015

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1992 - Vol. 10

Past issues

Creidi P, Faivre B, Agache P,

Assessment of skin hydration and softening effects of colloidal oat fraction containing cream,   
J. Appl Cosmetol, 10, 1-6, 1992

Carlucci G, Di Carlantonio M, Guarracino M, Palumbo G, Amerio P, Longhi F,

A study of the cutaneous bacterial flora, pH and TEWL of infant detergent solution,  
J. Appl Cosmetol, 10, 7-12, 1992

Varani I, Terzaghi A, Donati L, Marazzi M, Garbin S, Tettamanti G, Masserini M,

Effect of some exogenous glycosphingolipids on human keratinocytes in culture,
J. Appl Cosmetol, 10, 13-16, 1992



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